~Explorers' Club of Kyoto University~


  Who are we?

-Explorers' Club of Kyoto University (ECKU) consists of about 20 members. Most of us are undergraduate and postgraduate students of Kyoto University, with some members from other universities in Kyoto.


   Academic majors?

-Majors of club members are; anthropology, botany, primatology, ornithology, archaeology, physics, comparative religion, economics, linguistics, agriculture, etc. Having different specialities and opinions is very important and encouraged in our discussion and research activities. 


  What do we do?

-We have a meeting every Tuesday from 6:30 pm. We also have additional meetings or activities if necessary. During the November Festival and Freshmen welcome event of Kyoto University, we assemble a traditional Mongolian "Ger" somewhere on campus (partly broken though...). 


  What is an "exploration"?

-In our opinion, it should not be just an exciting adventure but should be an academic expedition with a particular purpose, to find out something about the region or the people living there. After each project (especially overseas), we usually submit a report to a sponsor and/or the university.


  Recent activities?

-Our activities are based on each member's interests, so when members change our activities also change. Until several years ago, we usually climbed mountains with rivers, waterfalls, rocky or icy walls, and skiing. (We still do caving, canoeing, and cycling.)

 In recent years, we mainly do field research abroad using a programme of our university or external organisation, such as in Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Bhutan, India, and Iceland. One of us has just finished his one-year backpacking journey around the world and came back. 


  How to contact us? 

-Our room number is E108. Please let us know in advance via e-mail or twitter (@exploringKyotoU). You can join the meeting on Tuesday, though it'd be in Japanese only...